My Story

Hello and Welcome to Scentsy!  I became a consultant when a co-worker brought a Scentsy Warmer and placed it in the administrative area of our school.  I kept hearing parents and staff say, "It smells so good in here!"  One morning I came in the front door, and it smelled like a classroom was baking homemade cinnamon rolls as a cooking project!  It was Scentsy... and the fragrance was "Sticky Cinnamon Bun."  Yumm... that got my attention!  We now have Scentsy in all of the classrooms... which is especially nice in our Infant and Toddler classrooms, where there is an added diaper "odor."   Scentsy is safer than a candle with a flame!  I love that I can have a warmer on my desk in my office, because Scentsy warmers are electric and use a light bulb, not a flame.  I love that I can take a nap at home and not worry about leaving a candle unattended.  ♥  I also have a very curious kitty who thinks she rules the house (actually, she does).  I don't have to worry about her getting her fluffy tail or whiskers in the flame of a candle.  ♥  The wax does not get hot enough to burn the skin, so it is safer around children too.  ♥  There is no smoke in the air or soot on the walls  either! Scentsy is a great value!  I leave my Warmers at home turned on most of the time.  I have had 1 cube from the $5 Scentsy Bar last anywhere from 3-5 days... multiply that by 8 cubes!  The Combine and Save packs make it an even better value.  And when a candle is gone, you are left with an empty jar often blackened by soot.  With Scentsy, you still have a pretty warmer that looks nice and can be re-used!  Be sure to click on my “Specials” tab above to see additional discounts and incentives that I offer to my customers. Host a party and earn FREE Scentsy!  You can earn Scentsy Hostess Rewards by having a Scent Event in your home OR hosting a Basket or Book Party.  Simply share Scentsy with your family, friends and co-workers and collect at least $150 in orders to qualify as a party. Who me?  Sell Scentsy?  When I signed up, there were only about 10 people I knew of who might be interested in buying from me.  I am not someone who is good at approaching people I don't know and "selling."  I mainly signed up, so that I could buy the products for myself.  I was also looking for some extra money... a car payment... maybe more!  I now have over a dozen Consultants who have joined my team.   As a Consultant, you can submit orders as a party and earn the same free and half-price Hostess Rewards to build your inventory... and you will earn commission from your own orders!  Little did I know that Scentsy is so easy and fun to sell.  Scentsy truly sells itself!  You are not required to do home parties, and you create your own schedule.  ♥  Another thing that I love about Scentsy is that the company provides amazing resources, training and support to the Consultants.  Many of these are free!  It is hard to not succeed with Scentsy.  ♥  Are you looking to earn some extra money in your free time?  Contact me today to learn more about how easy this is.  I would love to have you join my team, and I will help you every step of the way! My Customer “Scent ♥ isfaction” CommitmentI am committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your Scentsy products.  For example, if you purchase a scent that ends up not being quite right for you, I will exchange the remaining bar for a new one! (as long as only one cube has been used)  ♥  Contact me if you would like to check out my mini-tester kit, so you can “sniff” the 80+ scents before you buy.  ♥  Click on the Specials tab on this website to see the extra savings that I offer to my customers. Please contact me if you have any questions about Scentsy products, how to host a Home or Basket party, or how to build your own Scentsy business.  I appreciate your business!  Email:  Go ahead… stick your nose in my business!!  ♥Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates about my monthly specials and my “free shipping” order dates: Facebook Fan Page:  "Scentsy by Amy Lawson, Independent Consultant"Twitter:  amy4scents Have a Scent ♥ sational day,Amy <!--endbody-->